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- Hang Gliding

About Hang Gliding:
A simple and popular flying sport

Fun Day
Flying solo. Your first step to being hooked to a new sport. This is also a popular and great gift.

Elementary Pilot
The first qualification status. Progressing to higher and more skilled flights, with instruction

Club Pilot
The first qualification to enable you to fly unaided, without instruction.



Fun Day - Hang Gliding

  • Fly solo
  • Great Fun
  • Good introduction to the sport
  • Good group / Corporate day out
  • Learn the basics of a hang glider
  • Step 1 towards recognised Pilot rating
  • Expert instruction

Our Funday is a very popular tentative step to take for introduction into the sport of paragliding, without commitment to a course.
Many Funday students, who have no aspirations of becoming Pilot status, progress with this addictive sport.
This can also be a funday for your family and friends, as they are welcome to come along to provide support and cheerleading.

Day plan
The day starts w
ith a safety briefing, looking at the hang glider, its parts and functions, completing a daily inspection.
The first session leading to lunchtime, will be spent learning to launch the glider and use directional control to keep it going straight and introducing mild turns. There will also be an introduction into slow and fast flight appreciation, altering the speed of the wing and the landing flare.

During the afternoon it will time to start getting people flying the gliders solo, using the learning from the morning session.
On average, students will gain 5 solo flights reaching heights of 5 to 50+ foot. The heights gained will depend on the weather conditions and personal progression.

The day will finish with a summary and de briefing session, with a well earned congratulations at completing your first day of hang gliding training!
Those who wish to continue and become an elementary pilot, the funday will count as Day 1 of the course. Upon booking an EP course at the end of your Funday Day 1 cost will be deducted of the course cost.

A funday costs £239 per person.
Book 10 Fundays and the 10th goes free.

If any days are cancelled due to bad weather you can book another date and will not lose any credit.

You need to call at 21:00hr the evening before to get an update on the weather conditions and a start time for the following day.

You need to be ready and prepared to be here at 07:00hr onwards pending your instructors announcing of your start time. Please make sure you are wearing boots, casual clothing, and you have food and drink with you for the day. We have a toilet block and hot drinks available.

Weight and Age
The minimum age limit for a paragliding fun day is 14. Under 18's need parental consent to undertake the course.

Due to restraints of each glider, there is an upper weight limit of 23 stone.

You must be in good health, and reasonably fit. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Other considerations
All course credit will remain for 12 months from purchase/the duration of course completion.
Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The flight/course must be booked within this time period. No refund or extension will be given for expired vouchers. This cannot be negotiated.

Green Dragons are open 7 days a week, all year round. And yes we do fly in the winter! Some of our best training days are held during the winter.

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