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- Paragliding

About Paragliding:
An exciting flying sport

Sit back and enjoy the ride, whilst our instructor flies the parachute for you!

Unforgettable Fun, with no experience required.

Fun Day
Flying solo. Your first step to being hooked to a new sport. This is also a popular and great gift.

Elementary Pilot
The first qualification status. Progressing to higher and more skilled flights, with instruction.

Club Pilot
The first qualification to enable you to fly unaided, without instruction.

...and More
our students have progressed to competition piloting, attending overseas flying holidays, instructor status and so much more.







  • Unforgettable experience
  • Great for a group
  • The Perfect present (Gift vouchers available)
  • NO experience or skills necessary
  • Modern, fully serviced equipment
  • Good introduction to the sport
  • 500ft guaranteed! (usually higher)
  • No walking up hills!

Take to the skies with your harness attached to one of our highly experienced instructors.
Experience the silence of being airbourne, whilst absorbing the views across to London and Surrey countryside, as you have never seen them before.

We always expect tandem flights to reach an amazing 500ft, or more if the weather allows.
You do not need any experience or knowledge for this treat, just the desire to feel the freedom of flying.
Our instructors will decide on location and launch method, as dictated by the weather conditions, on the day of your flight, thus ensuring your 500ft flight. Launch can be from a hill or from a Tow launch system using a winch.

Once you arrive you will receive full instruction on your footing and stance positions for take off and landing. Once the primary instruction is complete it will be your job to relax and enjoy the experience from your very own ‘armchair’ in the sky.

Whilst we cannot guarantee the duration of any flight in paragliding (this is dictated to us by the weather conditions of the day) you will leave your landing area, and day with us, with adrenalin still rushing and a sense of achievement.

A tandem flight costs £89 per person.
Book 10 tandems and the 10th goes free.

You need to call at 21:00hr the evening before to get an update on the weather conditions and a start time for the following day.

You need to be ready and prepared to be here at 10:00hr onwards pending your instructors announcing of your start time. Please make sure you are wearing boots, casual clothing, and you have food and drink with you for the day. We have a toilet block and hot drinks available.

You should expect to be on site for 3-4 hours for your flight, and safety briefings. We encourage friends and family to come along to further enhance the experience for those flying.

Clothing Requirements
All flyers must wear BOOTS with very good ankle support. Our sites are farm and airfields, which can be uneven under foot.

You should bring with you clothing appropriate to the weather conditions for the day. The airfield/Hill are exposed places where prevailing winds can be chilly.

All equipment required for the flight will be provided for you.
You must be in good health, and be able to run a few yards. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Weight and Age
There are no age limits for tandem paragliding. We have experience of flying with all ages from 2 to 95 years of age! Under 18's need parental consent to undertake the flight. </p>

Our weight limit for tandem flights is 16 stone. If you weight more than this we can't offer a tandem flight for you. However, we can offer solo training, in the form of a Funday (up to 23 stone)

Other considerations
Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The flight/course must be completed within this time period. No refund or extension will be given for expired vouchers. This cannot be negotiated.

Green Dragons are open 7 days a week, all year round. And yes we do fly in the winter! Some of our best training days are held during the winter.
If the flight is cancelled due to bad weather you can book another date and will not lose any credit.

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