Andy Shaw

Chief Flying Instructor World

Champion Gold Medalist


Our Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) is Andy Shaw: born of an airbourne family in 1966 and a former Parachute Regiment soldier.

He started flying in the late 70s, achieved a Bronze British Royal Aero Club award presented by patron, HRH Prince Andrew, for Competition Success & Services To The Sport.

Andy, a World Champion, has One Gold, two Silvers and two Bronze medals, along with a record 5 individual British Championships and holds the record for leading Green Dragons teams to 7 British titles in the 21 years of competitions

Andy’s resume is full of success stories…

From a young age he has taught thousands of people to fly;

run the world’s first 3 month long residential Instructors courses, some graduates from which are now running very successful BHPA schools;

carried out thousands of Dual flights;

starred in ITV challenge You Bet! Talk Shows and the BBC programme Xchange.

Andy is all about progressing Youth programmes too. He ran the very first ‘Flying 4 Youth’ training weekend in May 2005, teaching 18 youngsters to fly for FREE. This is an enterprise which he has plan to reintroduce, given the support.

Andy flying career was first mentioned in the press at the tender age of 2, reporting his start to learning flying skills. with his dad Les Shaw.

Andy is a highly respected and regarded senior Paraglider. He is very proud to be appointed a BHPA Senior Hang Gliding and Paragliding instructor, also being a highly qualified BHPA Examiner. Andy served for 6 years on BHPA Executive council meeting and as the BHPA Schools Liaison Director.

You can call Green Dragons to speak to Andy or one of our many experienced instructors, anytime. Tel : 01883 652666.

John Lawrence

Senior Flying Instructor World


John was also around in the very early days of Green Dragons with Les and the cadets. he is also a former officer from the Paras. John has also been very successful on the British international and World scene and managed the 2005 British team finishing with a silver medal.

John is not only dedicated to Green Dragons, but has to be one of the UK's most dedicated instructors. His attention to detail and commitment to a fun, safe experience is second to none. Being a natural born educator John not only educates in his day job, but he has put in a lot of time helping youngsters to learn, the skills that he has mastered, to fly too.


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