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I have just bought a 5th Wheel Motor home and truck, sleeps 8!
Once the motor home has been unhitched at the camp/landing site we can put 20 people in the truck, and up and across the mountains we will go. The winch will also fit into the motor home!

WHOOP, yep get ready for some record braking Thermal Chasers 2018 trips. You will need a holiday and rest after a Thermal chasers trip of a life time.

Monthly payments now available, contact us today for your personal plan.

Worried about safely transporting your kit? Our new truck can safely transport your paramotor, paraglider and up to 4 hang gliders. No more anxious aeroplane flights, wondering if your kit will arrive in one piece. Places are limited, so make sure to book in advance.

This years concept is going to be a very very interesting, As we 'travel fly', 'travel fly'; different sites every day; possibly different countries everyday; challenges for all. Limited spaces, book today!

Thermal Chasers truck

Countries visited to date

Austria , Albania , Bulgaria , Croatia , France , Germany , Greece , Italy , Lanzarote , Macedonia , Montenegro , Morocco , Scilly , Solvenia , Spain , Tenerife , Turkey , and Wales.

More countries coming soon!

So, who is it for?

Thermal Chasers pilot holidays are custom tailored for trainee club pilots, trainee Instructors, tandem pilots training and many others including the most experience XC Pilot; Destinations are usual decided only 2 days before departure, due to our rigorous weather check criteria's.

We will only book locations where we "think", let me rephrase that - where we KNOW the weather will be the best for ALL of us!!!

We also pay close attention to the group of pilots booked and their respective paragliding and hang gliding skill levels, and take them to the flying sites best for revision and then make sure that serious pilot progression is built into the plan! Safety, Flight duration, altitude and improving flying skills, is always at the foremost of my mind!!!

At only £920 for the week this holiday will change your piloting world. This price includes cost of travel, accommodation in the resort's (yes, sometimes we change locations); rental vehicles, petrol, site fees and local guides, instructions and/or coaching where required.

The right place, at the right time, for the right pilots!

We always aim at achieving a minimum of 5 flying days, and often on some occasions you may get more, pending availability of our last minute requests to suppliers! Touch wood, for the past 11 years we have had great success.

Our current flying days record stands at 264 days flown out of 274 on site, I am proud to say that this record is incomparable!!! For testimonials about the Thermal Chasers please read and speak with any of the pilots who are booking their 2nd,3rd, 4th consecutive TC. I am sure you will have a fantastic time flying... - Andy"

We source out the best weather condition locations during this period therefore, a trip of 5-7 days overseas can very quickly progress candidates to the desired status of Club Pilot, and beyond. The groups are kept small, hence pilots receive maximum quality coaching, guidance and attention. Early booking is therefore highly recommended.

The concept is simple.

Pilots book their holiday trip and reserve the place with a small deposit.

During the week prior to the trip, Andy together with other experienced instructors studies a variety of locations, commonly throughout Europe or Africa. Once the forthcoming local weather conditions are favourable to specific flying sites carefully chosen for the group are confirmed, all the necessary travel arrangements including accommodation are booked and secured, only then the destination is announced to the group.

The announcement to pilots is normally given 24-48 hours prior to departure date. Excitement and adrenaline rush is kicking in!

All pilots usually meet day before for the last minute briefing at the farm GD HQ, followed by meeting at the relevant airport or port or wherever suitable and agreed by all the pilots. The Flying holiday begins!

We have found this system to be, not only beneficial for our students and members to advance their course or piloting skills but, a fun way to learn, normally in a warmer climate.

Come fly with us!



  Green Dragons

    Green Dragons

- Thermal Chasers 2018 dates:
  • March 17th - March 25th
  • April 16th - April 26th
  • June 18th - June 28th
  • Sept 8th - Sept 14th
  • Sept 24th - Sept 30th
  • Oct 20th - Oct 28th
  • Nov 17th - Nov 25th
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